Dr Andrey Kostenko

Hi, I’m Andrey.

I work and live in Perth, Australia, the country’s sunniest capital city. Before joining Tech Mpire (ASX:TMP) as Data Scientist working on Big Data, I worked for Western Power as Forecasting Analyst. The role included lots of data munging, data visualisation, predictive modelling and time series forecasting using R. Before Perth, I worked as Data Analyst for the Alice Solar City project, in Alice Springs, the country’s sunniest town. In Australia, I have earned a PhD in business statistics and econometrics from Monash University, where I studied time series modelling and forecasting with Rob J Hyndman and other faculty members. By then, I had already had an MBA from the UK (thanks to the scholarship of the President of the Russian Federation to study overseas) and my first university degree from Russia (thanks to my parents).

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I am interested in all sorts of data-driven analytics using R, especially in statistical learning for predictive modelling and data mining, time series modelling for forecasting and the like. Technology-wise, tools I have been exposed to over the past decade include:

  • R ecosystem: R, RStudio, Rmarkdown, Shiny and too many packages to list here;
  • Python ecosystem: Spyder, Pandas, Jupyter, scikit-learn and much more;
  • SQL: MySQL (Aurora), postgreSQL (Redshift) PL/SQL (Oracle), T-SQL (Microsoft);
  • Hadoop ecosystem: Spark, Kylin, HBase, Hive, Pig, Sqoop, YARN, MapReduce;
  • Big Data: Qubole Data Service (QDS) on Amazon Web Service (AWS);
  • Data vizualisation: Tableau, Shiny, Exploratory Desktop, R (leaflet, dygraphs …);
  • Code editing: brackets, notepad++, RStudio, Spyder, SQLyog, Aginity Workbench;
  • Technical writing: Latex, Pandoc, Markdown;
  • Version control: git, bitbucket, github, gitlab;
  • Web development: HTML5, CSS3, JS, Jekyll;
  • Presentations: reveal.js (HTML5), beamer (LATEX);
  • Fun: competing at kaggle.com

I am sure I forgot something big and important but the list above, created in no particular order, should give you an idea of the more technical skills I have. In general, I like learning new tools and tricks, even where I could readily use my old ones.